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Welcome to the Voyageur Council Training Website.

This website handles registration for courses, workshops, seminars, etc. available across the Council.

It is a separate system from myscouts, so a separate account is required to register for any of the training shown in the calendar.

The Council Training Calendars shown here are set by the Council Training Committee (CTC): The DCC and DCYC of Training, the DACs and DAYC of Training, and specifically-invited trainers.

We are having technical difficulties uploading the current training calendar for 2016-2017. Please note that only the courses posted on the calendar page are in fact approved.
This explains WB1 and WB2 recognition in Voyageur Council. VCP 1306 - WBI and WBI Recognition Procedures
This explains the age and experience requirements for all of Voyageur's training courses. VCP 1303 - Training Course Requirements

Tri-Council Commissioner Course materials for participants from the course training team.

As mentioned above, you need a separate account to register for these courses.

Account creation is as follows:

  1. Click on the text "Signin >>" in the top right hand corner of this page
  2. In the pop-up Member Login window that appears, click on the text "click here" (shown in red letters) to start the account creation process
    • Enter your first name
    • Enter your last name
    • Enter a valid email address you can be reached at
    • under Council/Area/Section, select Voyageur, then your Area, Group and Section
    •     If you are on the Council Service Team you can select "No area/No group/No section"
    •     If you are on an Area Service Team you can select "No group/no section"
    •     Once you have made the selections down to the group/section level, the Password field will appear. Please take the time to choose a password you will remember.
    •     Should you make a mistake in any of the fields, you can click on the back arrow in your web browser to shift back through the registration steps.
  3. Once you click "Submit", the process is complete.
  4. Go to the course calendar page using the button in the right hand sidebar of this page
  5. Click on the "information/enroll" link for the course you are interested in to see full information about that course.
  6. To enroll, simply click the Enroll button at the bottom of that page. Note that you must be logged in to see the enroll button."

Please note that some training courses require a fee. This fee cannot be paid via this website, but can be paid via the Council office.

This website does change over time, in addition to the every-changing training calendar itself.

Feedback of any kind is appreciated, so please send it to the DCC Training at voyageurtraining@gmail.com

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